Some of my favourite Colour's to use by Makeup Geek, the lighter one's make great transition colour's to blend out.

Mac Mineralize skin finish in colour 'Soft and gentle' If you are very fair skinned try colour 'lightscapade' 

    Retail at £23

Forever trying to find that perfect highlight!

I love the look of glowing skin. When the tops of the cheeks catch the light, I think it looks so beautiful, I myself have a small obsession with highlighters and I am forever on the path to finding that perfect luminous shine! Sometimes scrolling through Instagram, seeing girls with glorious skin, gives me glow envy!

As much as Mac eyeshadow pans are some of my favourites and I will always have my go-to colour's, sometimes getting carried away shopping can leave your purse a bit lighter than you'd like! A great alternative is Make-Up Geek. These eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented, have great staying power, are super easy to blend and come in so many different colours that your spoilt for choice! You can pick up a pan for $5.99 and also buy funky cases  for your collection for just $20 - these are magnetic so all your shadows will stay nice and safely in place. 

Make-up Geek!

It would take me a long time to list and tell you about all the different highlighters I have tried, all which are fabulous, but I've narrowed it down to a few favorites :)
When I have finished my foundation, I love to apply Mac Mineralize in Soft and Gentle on my upper cheek bone, on top of my cupid's bow, down the centre of my nose, and a dusting everywhere else. This will make your skin look so dewy and soft. If you want to up the game for even more highlight, after that, I add an amazing product I discovered by Artist Couture. It's a highlighter called 'Gold Digger' (great name ;) ).

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​Artist Couture Gold Digger Retailing at : $26.99

Ordered from America

Comes in other shades also.

I add this product with a fan brush and just dust it on the three main points as before. This will give you a very bumped-up effect, which I love, Great for a night out, and very glamorous! Your skin will look so dewy and luminous :) Give it a try and see what you think!

Cosmopolitan             Beaches and cream                 Burlesque                    Creme Brûlée                          Latte                         Peach Smoothie


Makeup Geek case's, Magnetic and come in many different sizes and colour's Retail from $14.99-$28.

I can now say I proudly own about four palettes' worth of these colours, and I use them so much that I've actually had to replace a ton. They have also just brought out a brand new range called 'Foil Pans,' which are super shimmer, high pigmented colours. When I receive these, I will definitely do a bright look and show you all the result's! 

Here's a look I created using all Makeup geek eyeshadow's, Utopia popped in the middle to give a high shine Pop to your makeup Retail at $7.99. 

A look I created using most of the colours below, with a dash of 'Too Faced Nude Beam.' I will get to this product in a later blog ;)

So if you're going to go for it and treat yourself to some Make-Up Geek, I would definitely recommend adding their pigment pot 'Utopia' to your collection. It looks gorgeous pressed into the centre of the lid to create that sparkled, 3d look. Great for glamorous evenings, and even a dab for a natural day look. You're probably thinking, "wow, where do I start?! There are that many colours!" Well, another great thing about this brand is that they have kindly selected pre-made cases with colours picked out for you, making it even easier :)

So, I have alway's wanted to start a blog, I have so many make-up ideas and favourites that I would like to share them with you. Enjoy! 

Please find my Tumblr blog at the bottom of the page :)

Summer is here! It's time to get out those dresses, and show off your legs!

A ppray tan is a great way to have a lasting glow, as long as you don't go overboard and get the Oompa-Loompa look! One of my favorite products at the moment has got to be The Body Shop's Honey Bronze ShimmeringDry Oil. It smells delightful and will give your legs a moisturised glow that lasts.

The product comes in two shades but personally, I love the darker shade, 'Honey Kiss' as I feel it gives more of a bronzed finish and is a beautiful colour. Retails at £16.